Meet the crew

Who are these people that keep appeaing in the illustrations ?


One of the two OG character's for the game. Felix is a fire mage that loves large explosions !


The other OG character. Monika is a monk with a taste for acrobatics over the neverending void.


Once the derpy boss of the desert region, Michael is now the server's mascot and the source of most emotes.


Michael genderbender go brrrrrr


Greg is a boss that can be found at the bottom of the swamp area. We don't know much about him yet.


Chloe is an OC made by water that has been patiently waiting to be added to the playable characters list.


Poggers spider.

About us

Here's some info on what this website is for.

This is a fan website dedicated to the video game Descent : a video game being developed by the server creator Sonder and his team. Its an open world dungeon crawler where the difficulty increases the further down you go. You can play different characters, fight bosses alone or in teams, and in general just have fun.

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The game's development has stopped but the community lives on.


Art by I love Water
Website by French Fry